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Cloud Backup
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Office 365 Backup
Ransomware Protection

With over 15 years' experience, BackupVault provides industry leading Cloud Online Backup to thousands of world-wide customers every day.

Powered by Redstor software and using the latest multi-layered encryption methods, BackupVault automatically protects critical business data across two secure UK data centres, providing peace of mind and rock solid reliability that is GDPR compliant.

Choose from our range of online or disk-to-disk backup solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers, to build a cost effective, capital expenditure-free option that meets your offsite backup requirements.



BackupVault supports the protection of a multitude of different systems.
 With the trend of moving data from the office to the cloud, BackupVault’s powerful software can back up your critical data, wherever it may be.

Windows, Mac and Linux
Servers, Laptops & Desktops
MS SQL & MySQL Databases
Network Drives/Shares
Office 365 & G Suite Cloud Services
Sage, Quickbooks & Other Accounting Software
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SME Backup Solutions

Explore how BackupVault’s unique expertise is helping to support small and medium businesses like yours with cloud backup for business.

Resell UK Cloud Backup

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UK Datacentres

Two redundant UK data centres located in Slough and Reading ensure your data never leaves the UK.


Steve Williamson

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“We are a small team providing design and marketing services to two west London local authorities. We have previously struggled to find an effective solution to our back-up requirements but BackupVault have been head and shoulders above other options we have looked at. We now have complete peace of mind that our data is safe and I have been especially struck with the degree of service and attention to detail BackupVault provides. I’m sure they have much bigger clients than us but I get the feeling that our needs are treated every bit as seriously and with the same degree of urgency. This is rare in my experience.”

Steven Bain


“As a managed IT services provider we previously used Acronis Cloud Backup to protect our data. That was until we found BackupVault. The BackupVault software and overall service is second to none and the 24 hour UK support has been invaluable. Compared to our previous backup solution, we now spend very little time administering the backups for our customers.”

Christopher Faulker

Opro Group Ltd

“We were looking for a backup solution to meet our company requirements and with BackupVault all our pre-requisites were checked. From the very first day their excellent 24hr UK based technical support helped implement the solution and get us up and running instantly. For us having that support as well as the back-end servers based in the UK was paramount. The level of service provided is always of the highest quality and on more than once occasion being able to restore files at fast speeds and with such ease has made our lives considerably easier.”

Martyn Kaye


“We have used BackupVault for several years now after trying many other systems and being dissatisfied. Backup systems only prove their worth when a system failure happens, and after such a failure BackupVault worked above and beyond what was expected to get our systems operational, involving restoring a large SQL DB. Their UK based phone support and proactive support are the primary reasons why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BackupVault.”

Nathan Plackett

Yokohama HPT Ltd

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Cloud Based Offsite Storage

Your data is sent offsite to two physically separate datacentres in Slough & Reading to protect from fire, theft, flood, viruses and user error.

Secure Encryption

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your location. A unique encryption key is known only to the user and our multi-layered approach to security ensures your data is seen only by you.

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Completely Automatic

Backups are performed every day at a time that suits you so there’s no need to worry about forgetting to insert the tape!

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UK Based Support

Not all providers offer a tailored service. With BackupVault you’ll have 24/7 access to friendly and knowledgeable support staff who can assist you with any technical support requirements.

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Centralised Management & Reporting

Automated reports can be scheduled enabling IT departments to track and manage backups and restores.

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